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Miliband reshuffles shadow cabinet

A number of newly-elected MPs have been promoted to the shadow cabinet in a reshuffle by Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Chuka Umunna and Rachel Reeves are among rising stars handed senior positions - as shadow business secretary and shadow chief Treasury secretary.

It is the first time a Labour leader has had a completely free hand following a rule change which means the shadow cabinet is no longer elected by a ballot of the party's MPs.

Ex-minister Stephen Twigg has been brought in to take on Michael Gove at education, allowing Andy Burnham to resume the health brief he held in the last government.

Caroline Flint is moved to shadow energy secretary - one of 11 women out of the 27 in the new-look top team.

One of those is deputy leader Harriet Harman, who has swapped the international development brief for culture, media and sport. Another two female shadow ministers will attend cabinet without being members.

Mr Miliband said: "My decision to appoint half a dozen members of the 2010 intake shows the talent that Labour has and the way in which this new generation can join us in taking Labour's agenda forward.

"Together we will show how the Government are failing to help families who face a cost of living crisis, how they are failing to take action on energy bills and rail fares and failing to get the economy moving again.

"They will show how we aspire to be a government not for more of the same but to deliver a new bargain for the British people."

He added: "I am determined that my shadow cabinet not only holds this Government to account but speaks to the public and the country. Families across Britain are worried about how they will make ends meet, anxious about what the future holds for their children and tired of the way irresponsibility is tolerated across our society."