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Women in Cabinet branded 'ugly'

The women in David Cameron's Cabinet have been branded "an ugly bunch" by one of the Prime Minister's high-profile advisers.

Retail guru Mary Portas said she could not bear to look at them and would relish the chance to restyle them and "put a bit of sex and glamour in there".

In an interview with Heat magazine, she said: "If I were PM I'd restyle all those women. I mean, the female Cabinet, what an ugly bunch."

She continued: "Do you know, I could not look at them. I go in for meetings now and they do dress up for my meetings, but I just want to go, "Pleeease no, not that necklace, not that skirt'."

Ms Portas, known as the Queen of Shops for her retail makeovers, was tasked by the premier earlier this year with reviving the UK's high streets.

Drawing a contrast with the continent, she said of French women: "They're like, 'wow', aren't they? What do we have? I'd say let's just put a bit of sex and glamour in there."

She also rejected suggestions that the Duchess of Cambridge was a "fashion icon".

"I think she's done an incredible job globally but I do not know how you can say she is a fashion icon. I just don't get that," she added.