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Cameron 'delighted' by Johnson win

David Cameron said he was "delighted" by Boris Johnson's mayoral victory and vowed the pair would work together for the good of London.

The Prime Minister praised Mr Johnson for running a "very strong" campaign and said he had enjoyed backing his bid for re-election.

Speaking at City Hall, Mr Cameron said "I think it was a very strong campaign by Boris. It was based on his record, on the excellent things he has done out there and I am delighted to congratulate him.

"It was a campaign the whole Conservative party got behind.

"I enjoyed campaigning for Boris but now what matters is working together for the good of London, as PM, as Mayor, and that is exactly what we are going to do."

Mr Johnson polled 1,054,811 votes to Ken Livingstone's 992,273 in a contest that was much closer than experts had predicted.

Standing by the PM's side, the mayor said he hopes "very much" to continue working with the Government to secure investment for London.

He added: "I think people were listening to what we had to say about taxes, getting rid of all sorts of unnecessary expenditure, putting it where people want to see it. It was a very hard-fought long campaign.

"I am grateful to the Conservative Party. They did turn out in large numbers to help me but I think we were able to reach people across the city with a message that resonated with them in tough times."

He added: "I hope very much to continue working with the Government to get the investment that London needs."