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Winehouse blood art under hammer

A self-portrait by Amy Winehouse is to go under the hammer later this week.

The piece, entitled Ladylike, was created with her own blood.

It is estimated to raise between £50,000 to £80,000 on Friday at the Cob Gallery in London.

Winehouse died last July of alcohol poisoning.

Also going under the hammer is art work by rocker Pete Doherty - which also include pieces created with his own blood.

A collection of paintings, trinkets, clothes and guitars belonging to the 33-year-old will go on sale at the gallery where the works were recently exhibited as On Blood: A Portrait of the Artist'

Other select items, which are expected to fetch between £50 to £12,000, from the former Libertines frontman's work and life include his iconic military jackets, notebooks, and his writing desk decorated with traditional French design and with secret panels and drawers. It comes complete with profanities engraved into it.

The works showcase Doherty's "arterial splatter" technique.

He told the Independent: "Blood plays the starring role in my work.

"Sweat and tears are often waiting in the wings."