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Your Champions 2011: Volunteers at Capricorn Animal Rescue nominated for team award

A TEAM of volunteers who give up hours of their time to help abandoned animals at a Flintshire rescue centre have been nominated for a Your Champions award.

The group at Capricorn Animal Rescue in Padeswood dedicate themselves to keeping the sanctuary running.

Maureen Smith, Pauline Gregory, Clive Williamson, Jan Caswell, Anwen Davies, Angela Gronnow, Cynthia Lewis, Vicky Smith, Lynn Dodimead and Steve Jennaway have been nominated for the award by the centre’s founder Sheila Stewart.

“Some of the volunteers have been with Capricorn for 25 years, some 20 years and others 10 years. We also have students at college and university who have been with us for a couple of years,” said Sheila.

She added: “They turn out for us every day, even bank holidays and Christmas. Sometimes I have to throw them out and make them go home.

“No animal, no matter what state or condition it’s in, is left unattended.

“These wonderful people clean up the animals, care for the animals and nurse them back to health. They clean out the kennels, hutches, aviaries, cattery and come back day after day to help out.

“The volunteers also find time to help out at our fundraising events.

“Their care and love of the animals is so genuine. They take animals to the vet, collect them and pick up the animals from wherever they have been found.

“They deserve recognition. They are unsung heroes.”

To find out more about Capricorn Animal Rescue, visit www.capricornrescue.org.