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Airbus UK Broughton: Tommy Holmes sidelined for weeks as Wingmakers cntinue search for a win

Afan Lido 0 Airbus UK Broughton 0

A LARGELY uneventful goalless encounter at Afan Lido was overshadowed by a 35-minute stoppage following a nasty injury to Airbus defender Tommy Holmes.

The contest was barely 13 minutes old when Holmes landed awkwardly from an aerial challenge and dislocated his elbow.

The match was halted as officials advised he was not to be moved from the pitch until paramedics arrived to take him to hospital.

Wingmakers head coach Gareth Owen said: “The officials identified it straight away that it was serious.

“Holmes was taken to hospital and had an operation to pop it back in.

“It will be six to eight weeks before he is available again and we wish him a speedy recovery.

“He will be missed from the squad.”

The remainder of the match saw few clear-cut goalscoring opportunities, most coming from distance, but Lido had one serious opening before half-time through Leon Jeanne, who saw his effort stifled when taking too long to shoot.

There were more openings after the interval, with Airbus forward Mike Hayes bringing one particularly smart save from Lido keeper Chris Curtis.

As frustration boiled over in the closing moments, the encounter ended with four yellow cards in the last 10 minutes, two for each side.

The result leaves both clubs level on four points in the lower half of the table, with Airbus having now drawn four of their six outings to date and still searching for their first victory of the campaign.

Owen said it was vital for his side to start getting more points on the board to avoid losing touch with the top six before the league splits into two in January.

Airbus missed out on the top six last time out and are determined not to play in the bottom six after this season’s split.

He said: “In the current climate, this is a much better league than it has been in the past and every game is a tough one nowadays.

“If we could turn these draws into wins we would be doing fine. After losing Tommy it is important to show we can still win without him.”

The Wingmen face Aberystwyth Town at home tomorrow (Friday) at 7.30pm.