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Cricket: Hawarden Park receive grant to aid move away from Hawarden Castle

HAWARDEN Park Cricket Club has received almost £50,000 from the England and Wales Cricket Trust to help relocate from their home of 146 years.

The club was awarded a grant of £48,799 to help with phase one of the relocation from the Hawarden Estate to a new ground at Moor Lane. The move will cost £75,000 in total and include levelling of the ground and the development of a cricket square.

The club has played at Hawarden Park for 146 years and it has been recognised by Wisden as one of the most beautiful grounds in the UK.

However, the Gladstone family who own the estate of Hawarden Castle have asked the club to vacate its historic home and are assisting them with their switch to a new purpose-built ground.

Hawarden Park CC chairman Jon Merrick said: “To relocate the cricket ground and build a new pavilion is a major project and we are delighted that the England and Wales Cricket Trust has supported us in this preliminary work.

“The ground has been levelled but because of the excessive summer rain the square will now be laid next April.

“We are now in the design process of our proposed new pavilion which is being designed with sensitivity to meet the planning requirements in such a perfect rural setting.

“We are extremely grateful to the Trust and we are actively fundraising to raise the capital to pay for the new pavilion. We have already raised £20,000 and are seeking support from local organisations and businesses and any donation of skills and time to assist with the building work.”