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This year will see a lot of improvements to the Flintshire Chronicle website as we strive to make things better for you, the user. We hope you find the changes useful and we'd very much appreciate your feedback.

We've already improved the way video works on this site by installing an entirely new system to host and play video. You might not notice much change at first, but the system behind it has been completely overhauled and later this year well be introducing more and more useful features.

Today we've changed the way the menu works on this site.

We'd like to make sure that you find everything that youre looking for when you visit us and some of you had told us that there were bits of this website that you didnt even know existed!  With that in mind, we've launched our new expandable drop-down menu. Now you can quickly and simply see all the available sections of the website and find your favourite sections by simply hovering your cursor over the main menu.

This Is Our New Navigation.

While you're roaming around our new navigation, look out for the NEW flag - this is our way of letting you know the latest additions to the site. We'd hate for you to miss out on any of our hot topics, campaigns, competitions or special feature sections.

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If you have any feedback on our new expandable drop-down menu, or have any ideas about what we can do to improve your experience on Flintshire Chronicle contact us and let us know what youre thinking.