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Popular feline Brutus ‘welcome to stay’at Saltney supermaket

A MUCH loved moggy is ‘welcome to stay’ says the boss of a Saltney supermarket.

Brutus the tabby tom cat, inset, has become quite the celebrity with regular shoppers at Morrisons and can be found lounging in the shop’s foyer almost every day.

Brutus lives across the road from the store, but prefers to pass his days being fussed over by shoppers – only heading home for the odd meal during the day or when the store shuts at 10pm.

Last week rumours the feline had been ‘banned’ from the store caused outrage among more than 600 devoted Brutus fans who joined the group ‘Brutus The Morrisons Cat’ on social networking site Facebook.

Pauline Scott wrote: “I love Brutus and he makes me smile.”

Elainor Hughes added: “Brutus you’re a legend.”

More than 100 people also signed an online petition with some saying they would boycott the supermarket until Brutus was allowed to return.

Jane Fisher wrote: “They can’t ban Brutus, he’s the reason I go to Morrisons. If he goes, so do I.”

Julie Cobain Owen added: “I go to Morrisons to do my boring dreary shopping. Then I see Brutus. He puts an instant smile on my face!”

But supermarket bosses say the rumour is not true and the popular cat can continue to nap on the store’s recycling bin in the foyer – as long as he does not pass the air curtain and enter the main store.

Store manager Les Williams said: “Brutus the cat has become a store mascot. He gives a lot of joy to our shoppers – particularly our younger and older customers and he will always be welcome.”

Brutus’s owner Claire said: “It is nice to know so many people enjoy seeing him. I urge parents to supervise their children and encourage them to be gentle if they stroke him.”