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Wife of convicted Flintshire killer Clive Sharps talks about her life with brutal husband

Sian Sharp, estranged wife of Clive Sharp

THE estranged wife of a serial sex predator who butchered a female vet with a DIY hacksaw has lifted the lid on her marriage of beatings and rape with him.

Twisted Clive Sharp was ordered to serve a minimum of 37 years last Monday for mutilating popular Catherine Gowing before sickeningly cutting up her body and dumping it around the countryside.

Now, the former sweetheart of the perverted factory worker has laid bare her life of fear with the killer who harboured fantasies of tying up, raping and murdering women.

Sian Sharp described how her husband would mercilessly beat her, often choosing her birthday to inflict violent assaults upon her. He once broke her nose and ribs in a furious temper.

And the 47-year-old, of Mynydd Llandegai near Bangor, told how Sharp raped her in their bedroom two days before she told him to pack his bags to end their eight-year relationship.

Sian, who has agreed to waive her anonymity afforded to victims of sex attacks, also detailed the occasion her husband ordered she have an abortion after she fell pregnant to him.

The college cook said: “We married after just six months together. At the start he was a lovely, charming man, and my two children adored him.

“But six years into our marriage he changed. He became moody and violent and would start an argument over anything.

“Sometimes he’d leave the house and go missing for days – he never explained where he’d been.”

Sobbing, she added: “Clive is a sick, sad man.”

Sharp forced his way into Ms Gowing’s home in New Brighten in October last year, when his girlfriend Jane Doyle, the victim’s housemate, had flown home for the weekend to Ireland.

He raped and murdered the 37-year-old before dismembering her body, wrapping her remains in bin bags and dumping them.

Miss Gowing’s torso was discovered floating in the river Dee by an off-duty police officer, while her right hand and foot were recovered from a shallow pond close to Sharp’s former home in Sealand.

Sharp admitted the murder as it disturbingly emerged he fantasised about raping and torturing women, alternating between two fictional endings – one in which the woman lives when he grows tired of her, or the other in which she ends up dead, ‘either strangled or drowned’.

Tearful Sian added: “I met Clive at a party and six months later he asked a colleague of mine for my number. We started going out and he was charming. My kids, now 26 and 16, loved him. He was like a father figure to them.

“But six years into the marriage, he changed – and I’ll never know why.

“He attacked me regularly. On one of my birthdays he was trying to do plumbing for a new washing machine when something went wrong and water squirted everywhere, soaking him.

“He went in a huge rage and punched me in the face, and broke my ribs too. Clive threw me to the ground and started kicking me in the side.

“Two days before he left for good, he came home early from work as I was upstairs hoovering.

“He pushed me onto the bed and raped me. Then he left the house after he’d finished with me.

“He came back two days later and said: ‘Sorry, babe. That wasn’t meant for you’.

“I just packed his bags and threw him out. He left quietly and I never heard from him again.”

Sian said she never went to the police about the rape or assaults, and even managed to cover up the beatings and bruises from her two children who lived in the house.

“I was scared,” she said. “I was frightened about what Clive would do if I did something about it. I kept quiet about all the abuse.

“Once, I became pregnant and he told me to have an abortion because he couldn’t love two people at once – me and the baby. So I did have an abortion. I did want that baby – but Clive said it was it or me.”

Sharp, a former Deeside High pupil, was warned by a judge earlier this week he may die behind bars and never be released for his horrific killing of Miss Gowing, who worked at Evans veterinary practice in Mold.

The harrowing roll call of sexually-motivated violence against women also emerged in court, revealing 30 years of criminal offending which started when he was just 16.

In 1983, Sharp was sent to prison for the first time for raping a 15-year-old girl.

The teen knew Sharp, but he held a piece of glass to her neck during the ordeal and was locked up for three years in youth custody for the attack.

For around a decade, the would-be killer would have no documented brushes with the law, but his debauched psyche once more reared its head when, in 1994, he tried to choke another woman – this time the wife of his friend – when she refused his advances.

Sharp was jailed for three years for false imprisonment and wounding. Two years later, after his release, he strangled another woman and threatened her with a knife after he had paid her to come back to his bedsit for sex, leading to an eight-year jail term.

The 47-year-old, however, kept all his crimes a secret from Sian, only once concocting a lie that he had been in prison for attacking his best friend after he found him in bed with his first wife.

Recalling the moment she learnt of his involvement in Miss Gowing’s murder, Sian said: “My daughter phoned me and said, ‘Mam, it’s really bad. It’s Clive. He’s been arrested on suspicion of murder’.

“I just couldn’t believe it. I felt sick when I read the newspapers. In some ways, I feel like I’ve escaped.

“I just couldn’t speak out about him. You can hide a bust rib – I just said I had a pain in my chest.”

She added: “Looking back, I think I made the right decision to kick him out. It could have been me killed like poor Catherine was. I’ve been so lucky. Sadly, she wasn’t.

“The Clive I knew at the start of our marriage was a lovely man. But he changed. I’m still married to him, but I’ll definitely get a divorce now. I just want to put all of this behind me.”