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Flintshire voters head to polls for Welsh Assembly Government referendum

WALES is expected to vote by more than 2-1 in favour of direct law-making powers for the National Assembly, an eve of referendum poll claims.

The study by YouGov for ITV Wales confirms an increasing trend towards a Yes majority in recent months in the referendum today (Thursday, March 3).

The numbers saying they don’t know or wouldn’t vote in the referendum has also fallen to 12%, the lowest since the series of ITV Wales tracker polls began.

The latest poll was carried out between February 24 and March 1.

Rachel Banner, the director of True Wales, the main No campaign group, insisted that the polling did not reflect what her supporters were experiencing on the ground.

“If the results are as predicted, we find it impossible to understand based on the reception we are getting,” she said.

Ms Banner said she hoped there would be a significant turnout in the referendum, which is predicted to be as low as 30%-40%.

She added: “We need a high turnout so we can be sure all the people who say they’re voting No do so. We need a decisive result either way.

“The only poll that counts is the one today.”

Support for a Yes vote in the tracker opinion poll increased from 49% in January to 58% and then 61%, while the No vote meandered from 26% to 29% and then 28% over the three polls. When the Don’t Knows or Wouldn’t Votes are excluded the gap widens to 69% to 31%.

First Minister and Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones said: “This is yet another encouraging poll and all the indications ahead of today’s vote are positive.

“However, we are taking nothing for granted. We want every Yes voter to come out to deliver a resounding result in this referendum today.

“No one should wake up tomorrow morning and say to themselves, ‘I wish I’d voted Yes’.”

Roger Lewis, chair of the Yes for Wales campaign, said: “I believe passionately that we aren’t a country of quitters. How would we feel on Friday if we said we just aren’t up to it?

“How would the world view us if we threw away the chance to take responsibility for ourselves?”

Plaid Cymru leader Ieuan Wyn Jones added: “I've campaigned in towns and villages across the north during the past few weeks and the response has been fantastic – but the only poll that counts is today’s.”

Polling stations open from 7am-10pm today. The count takes place tomorrow. For the result, visit www.flintshirechronicle.co.uk.