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February sky highlights

February Sky highlightsRead


Astronomy picture of the week - Bodes Galaxy

We are fast approaching Galaxy season, so this weeks picture shows the grand design spiral galaxy M81 also known as Bodes Galaxy.Read

Witches Broom

Astronomy picture of the week - Witches Broom

THIS week’s image is the beautiful Western Veil, common name the Witches Broom Nebula part of the massive Veil Nebula complex. Read

January sky highlights

There's lots happening in the skies this month. Here are just a few of the notable, or 'must see' events...Read


Astronomy picture of the week - The Moon

THIS full moon picture sent in by Andrew Sharp was taken using a Canon DSLR with a 55-250mm telephoto lens. Andrew took this shot using just his camera and lens mounted on a photographic tripod, exposure  for the shot was 1/250. Read

nebula small

Astronomy picture of the week - The Cone Nebula

THE Cone Nebula sometimes called the Christmas tree cluster is a fitting image for the festive season.Read

Soul Nebula

Astronomy picture of the week - Soul Nebula

THIS narrowband picture of the Soul Nebula catalogue no IC1848 located in Cassiopeia at an estimated distance of 6,500 light years has captured the Nebula in all its glory. Read

Eastern Veil

Astronomy picture of the week - The Eastern Veil

This stunning image of the Eastern Veil, catalogue number NGC 6992 was taken using Narrowband filters. Read


Weekly astronomy picture

THIS full disk image of our nearest star the sun was taken using a special Hydrogen Alpha Telescope.Read

rosette nebula

Weekly astronomy picture

The Rosette Nebula around 5000 light years away is prime winter target for imagers, it is a large relatively bright nebula in the constellation of Monoceros.Read


North Wales Astronomy Society's picture of the week

THIS is just a small part of a large extended Supernova remnant in Cygnus known collectively as the Veil Nebula. Read

Astronomy - Supernova in the whirlpool

Supernova in the Whirlpool

THIS year has so far seen two bright Supernovae in our local group of Galaxies. Read

Astronomy - November highlights

November sky highlights

THE nights are much longer now, so with weather permitting, we should have more time to enjoy the splendours of the night sky. Read

December sky highlights

WINTER is always a favourable time of year for astronomers. The nights are long (and cold!) and we have some glorious constellations to delight us.more

October sky highlights

JUPITER is rising early in the South Eastern evening sky and is by far the brightest object to be seen in that region. more

New astronomy section comes to our website

Stargazers are in for a treat as today see’s the launch of a brand new section on our website.more