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Horse Head and Flame Nebula

January astronomy highlights

January 3,4th the Quadrantids Meteor ShowerRead


Daylight slips away on Selsey's favourite son - Sir Patrick Moore

Sir Patrick Moore gave so much to helping others, he inspired generations of amateur astronomers like myself. He made the time to write or contact everyone who asked for assistance, never shirking the responsibility he felt to inspire and help others.Read

November astronomy highlights

With the nights getting longer stargazing becomes easier in the early evening. Lots to see in the evening sky this autumnRead

October astronomy highlights

It's official! We have now passed the Autumn Equinox and so the hours of darkness outnumber the hours of daylight for observers in the northern hemisphere anyway. Those who reside in the southern hemisphere have it the other way around and have moved into 'Spring'.Read

 Cocoon Nebula

Astronomy picture of the week - Cocoon Nebula

This spectacular image shows the Cocoon Nebula, IC5146, in Cygnus. The blue reflection nebula below the Cocoon is Van den Bergh 147. Also present in the picture is the Dark Nebula Barnard -168.Read

September astronomy highlights

September's HighlightsRead

Chance to sign up for an astronomy course in North Wales or Cheshire

Astronomy courses running in Llandrillo Colleges in Wales and in Reaseheath College In Nantwich. From beginners up to GCSE. No Previous Knowledge required. All welcomeRead

Iris Nebula

Astronomy picture of the week - Iris Nebula

This fine image of the Iris Nebula was sent in by Peter WilliamsonRead

August astronomy highlights

Here in the UK as I write this, the weather has taken a turn for the better at last!Read

Butterfly Nebula

Astronomy: Butterfly Nebula

This beautiful summer nebula picture was sent in by the NWAS society Chairman Doug Jones.Read

Solar flare

Astronomy: Solar flare emerges from the sun

Brian Woosnam recently captured a solar flare emerging from the surface of the sun with his Hydrogen Alpha Solar telescope. These solar flares when directed towards the earth are often responsible for Aurora displays (The Northern Lights). If they are massive enough these events can trigger Aurora displays that have on rare occasions been seen below the Arctic Circle in lower latitudesRead

July astronomy highlights

The nights are slowly drawing out again as we move away from the longest day last month.Read

Crescent Nebula

Astronomy: The Crescent Nebula

Without doubt it has been a difficult summer for Astronomy, not only the light nights, but the dreadful weather has put the handbrake on my pursuit of Astrophotography.Read

June astronomy highlights

You need to stay up late to get dark skies this month and they are short lived, but don't let that stop you from going out and having a look around at the wonders of the heavens. Read


Astronomy summer imaging targets

The summer months give the opportunity to image some spectacular large Nebulae, some of which span many times the size of the full moon.Read

May sky highlights

May's HighlightsRead

Patrick Moore

North Wales Astronomy Society members' invite to Patrick Moore Sky at Night party

RECENTLY I and friend Brian Woosnam were lucky enough to receive an invite down to Selsey for a surprise party for Sir Patrick Moore.Read

Chance to get involved with the sky at night Moore marathon

SIR PATRICK Moore has picked his 55 favourite night sky objects and over the month of April would like you to see as many as you can. Read

The sun

Astronomy picture of the week - The sun

THE Sun has been in the news recently and as it approaches solar maximum there is a lot of activity which has produced coronal max ejections CME’S where plasma is thrown out into space.Read