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The Unexplained

Hello, my name is Tim, and I’d like to introduce myself. I’ve got some really interesting places to tell you about.

This world is a marvellous place. So much to marvel at. It’s fantastic - as in the stuff of fantasy. Except it is real if you know where to look. Sometimes you might need a little more information to understand or see such marvels - but they are there.

Someone once said about that history happened always somewhere else.

That places with inspiring stories, curious features, or locations veiled with a vibe of the mysterious are only found somewhere many miles away. Not so, in my opinion.

Each week I’ll be bringing to your attention an ancient site, somewhere mysterious, or a marvel hidden in plain sight on an urban street. I’ll also bring legends, folklore and ghostly tales too. If it’s historic, mysterious or even vaguely whiffs of adding special interest, I’ll bring it your way.

What makes me the kind of person to write about these things? Well, besides being compulsive about looking at maps, and taking photos almost everywhere I go, for something like 17 years now I’ve been visiting ancient sites almost everywhere I go.

I contribute to the leading worldwide prehistoric archaeology website,

The Megalithic Portal http://www.megalithic.co.uk and I’ve been giving guided tours for over a decade, including several years as a costumed Roman guide in Chester.

I’ve been running my own ghost tours in Crewe and Nantwich for several years. Earlier in 2011 I began The Strange at Crewe - Crewe Station Ghost Tour in association with Virgin Trains. I’ve even added a straightforward historical tour of Crewe, and the VAMP tour (Victorian Accidents Murders and Prostitution) to my collection. There will be others!

In 2008 I had my first book published covering the development of routes in North Wales and this year I’ve been blogging for English Heritage’s ‘Heritage Open Days’ scheme http://www.heritageopendays.org.uk/blog  which goes through to at least next spring.

I’ve even ended up with a history and mystery show on RedShift Radio which you can catch 9-11pm on Thursdays via www.redshiftradio.co.uk

So, keep reading. I’ll be bringing you some wondrous, interesting, historic - and creepy places - and they may not be that far from you at all.

Tim Prevett

History and Mystery Tours

*If you wish to book on any of Tim’s ‘History and Mystery Tours’, you can visit www.historyandmystery.co.uk  or phone 07905 597 242.