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Combermere Abbey

History and mystery of Combermere Abbey

With over nine hundred years of history, Combermere Abbey in the south of Cheshire is a veryRead

Picture by Tim Prevett

Tim Prevett asks do you believe in fairies?

Do you believe in fairies? I’d like to but am not sure. From time to time I get a whiffof places which give a vibe of being near the Realm of Fae. In August 2011 perhapsthe Tylwyth Teg -welsh for the fair folk - perhaps said a hello while out for a walk inNorth Wales. It would be fantastic if they had.Read

Stones at Caerdegog Uchaf on Anglesey

Tim Prevett explores are these stones actually ancient?

When looking for ancient stones, another puzzle which can present itself is the dilemma - are theseRead

Mynydd Tir y Cwmwd

Hunting for a megalithic needle in a haystack at Llanbedrog

The activity of hunting for megaliths can sometimes be akin to hunting for the proverbial needleRead

Moel Fenlli

Exploring prehistoric marvels of North Wales and Cheshire

“The mountains are calling and I must go”. These words come from John Muir, an ecologist,Read

Crewe Station

Celebrating Crewe's 175th birthday

The 4th of July is a very significant date, you know. Not only if you’re an American celebratingRead


City's monument has links with Anglican Communion

WITH recent talk of the Archbishop of Canterbury resigning, Chester’s outskirts may not be the kind of place you might associate with archbishops, but nevertheless, there is a wonderful monument linked to the most senior position within the Anglican Communion.Read

Pont Pen y Benglog

Exploring road history in North Wales

IF YOU'VE ever done research for a project, you’ll know that things you find along the way of researching can be a real surprise. A proper delight you were not expecting. I had several of these moments when doing field visits to further document my first book, “Roads and Trackways of North Wales”.Read

St John's Church

Exploring St John's Church in Chester

CHESTER is my favourite English city. Not that I’ve visited every city in England. Just that Chester has given me several years of enjoyable work, day trips and good memories from a compact place that’s just about as full of history as you could get.Read

Maen Addwyn

Introducing Anglesey’s Megaliths - Maen Addwyn

FOR the megalithic enthusiast (also known as megalithomaniacs, or megaraks), Anglesey is a veritable paradise. Indeed, it’s where much of my interest in history was nurtured and grew.Read

Holly Holy Day

Chance to experience living history at Holly Holy Day

IF YOU are wanting a vivid encounter with history, to experience "living history", there's nothing quite like a reenactment event to perform that function.Read


Haunted happenings in South Cheshire pubs

IF YOU were wanting a compact, pretty, historic town with lots of shops and good eateries, then Nantwich in South Cheshire fits the bill perfectly. Read


Remembering Crewe's hidden wartime heritage

AS WE approach Armistice Day (or Remembrance Day), we look to remember those lost in conflicts past and present.Read

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Hello, my name is Tim, and I’d like to introduce myself. I’ve got some really interesting places to tell you about.more