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Owner issues cat poison alert

FEARS are growing that a callous cat killer could be poisoning pets in Flintshire.

Two moggies belonging to a family have suffered horrendous deaths within three weeks of each other.

It is believed they were poisoned with antifreeze.

Distraught owner Jo-Anne Edwards, of Brick Barn Close, off Elfed Drive, Buckley, said the incidents had devastated the family, which was now keeping a close eye on their other two cats.

She said the first victim was 11-year-old Suki, who first went off her food, was more thirsty than usual and then became unstable on her feet, and eventually was unable to walk.

Jo-Anne said: “We took her to the vet but nothing could be done.

“When our second cat Finbar, who’s 10, also fell ill in similar circumstances within three weeks, the vet said it appeared both cats had toxic material in their blood, probably antifreeze.

“This is obviously too much of a coincidence not to be malicious.”

Jo-Anne, who works at the Bank of America, in Chester, said her daughter Isobella, six, a pupil at Ysgol Bryn Coch, Mold, was heartbroken.

“We are keeping a close eye on her kitten Jingles and our other cat Meggy.”

Jo-Anne’s father Nigel Pittman, of Mold, has contacted the RSPCA. He has asked them to investigate and alert other cat owners.

Jo-Anne added: “Although there is no absolute proof the two cats were deliberately poisoned, I’m convinced this has happened.

“The vet says cats like the taste of antifreeze, so were easy to poison.

“If someone is doing this to keep them out of their garden, it’s an horrific way of achieving their goal.

“I want cat owners to be vigilant. We are certainly doing all we can to protect our two surviving pets.”

Vet Nikki Berry, of Village Vets, Buckley, who tried to save the two cats, said she was open minded about whether they had been poisoned. She said: “I have not come across any other cases in the area, but it can’t be ruled out.”

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