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The Subway sandwich store in Flint has promised to make life easier for disabled customers following an article in The Flintshire Chronicle

A TAKEAWAY sandwich shop has vowed to introduce extra measures to make life easier for wheelchair-user customers.

It comes after an article in last week’s Flintshire Chronicle on the difficulties faced by disabled shoppers in Flintshire.

Reporter, Francesca Elliott accompanied wheelchair user Nigel Poglettke, 37, of Leeswood, on a shopping trip around Flint, to see where he came up against difficulties.

One problematic scene was at the Subway store on Chester Street, which had a step and a heavy door.

Nigel was quoted in the December 24 edition as saying: “It’s possible for me to get up the step in my wheelchair. I have good upper body strength, but it’s impossible to manoeuvre the wheelchair and push the door open at the same time, so to get in I would have to knock on the window , which if the weather’s bad, isn’t what you want, so I probably wouldn’t bother.”

In response to this, the store said it will try and make life easier for all disabled customers.

A spokesperson for the chain, said: “The Subway chain strives to ensure that all customers receive excellent service.

“All Subway stores located in new buildings comply with the Disability Discrimination Act.

“Where stores are located in older buildings, the Subway chain is constantly looking for ways to ensure they are accessible to all.

“The franchisee of the Subway store in Flint appreciates the customer feedback regarding disability access and will be installing a notice in the window and a bell to alert staff that someone outside needs attention.

“The Subway chain’s staff have been trained to provide a high level of customer service to help ensure that every customer has the very best experience possible.

“Customer feedback is always welcomed as the Subwaychain is always developing and improving the customer experience and satisfaction.”

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