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Abandoned dog wins prize at Cilcain Show

A DOG which was abandoned when it was just one day old has gone on to win the Best Rescue Dog prize at Cilcain Show.

Catriona Warlow, of Hawarden, got Staffordshire bull terrier cross Socks from Battersea Dogs Home two years ago when she was eight weeks old.

She said: “She had apparently been found in Victoria Park, South London, when she was only a day old.

“We’re not sure whether a whole litter had been dumped or if Socks was on her own but we don’t think her mother was with her because of what she was like when we first had her.

“The rescues are full of Staffies and we wanted to give one a home.”

Catriona and her family moved from London to Hawarden recently and went to the Cilcain show on August 30 with friends.

“We entered her in one of the novelty categories of the dog show there for Best Rescue Dog,” Catriona said.

“It was my 10-year-old daughter Alice who showed her, but we didn’t expect her to win so it was a great suprise.

“It’s brilliant to think that after such a bad start in life she’s winning prizes now.

“We’ve got a trophy which we can keep for a year and I’ve told Alice she’ll have to go back and try and uphold her title!”

Catriona added: “Staffies do have quite a bad reputation and people are sometimes wary of Socks.

“She’s a lovely dog though and is really good natured.

“She’s great with Alice and with our younger daughter Grace, who’s six.”

She added: “Staffies usually get such bad press when they are in fact very loveable and loyal companions and it is such a shame that most rescue centres and homes are busting at the seams with these beautiful dogs that are just waiting for a better life.”

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