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Alyn and Deeside Welsh Assembly candidates urge Flintshire voters to snub BNP

ASSEMBLY candidates in Alyn and Deeside have joined forces to urge voters to snub the British National Party (BNP).

A joint statement was issued by John Bell (Conservative), Shane Brennan (Plaid Cymru), Carl Sargeant (Labour) and Pete Williams (Lib Dem) as candidates hit the campaign trail.

Rounding on the far-right party, the four prospective AMs said: “We recognise the right of the BNP to stand in democratic elections, however we all utterly condemn the division they bring.”

The four candidates say despite their political differences, they are ‘100% in agreement’ that the BNP is not the answer for the area.

The statement added: “We hope and believe that the people of Alyn and Deeside will see through their hateful and divisive politics.”

But BNP candidate Mike Whitby hit back at the comments, branding the other candidates ‘Tweedledum and Tweedledee clones of each other’.

Mr Whitby, who is a community councillor for Coedpoeth in Wrexham, said: “These four parties have identical policies when it comes to the future existence of the Welsh and British people.

“That is why they unite against the BNP, which is the only party that supports the right of the Welsh people to remain Welsh and the British people to remain British.

“These parties talk of what they call ‘hate’ – but all of them are responsible for murderous foreign wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, where more than a million people have been killed.”

He added: “Who are these parties to point fingers at the BNP? The BNP has never hurt anyone, but those parties are responsible for the murder of millions.

“They should all be put on trial for international war crimes, never mind criticising the BNP.”