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Double A55 fuel price protest planned in Chester and North Wales

A DOUBLE A55 fuel protest is planned next month after the price of diesel smashed through the £1.50 a litre barrier.

Some filling stations are now selling diesel at nearly £1.52, with petrol being sold at a top price of around £1.42 across North Wales, according to a fuel watchdog website.

The fear is that £1.50 could become the average price for diesel and petrol within weeks, putting a massive burden on motorists and the economy.

PetrolPrices.com shows the highest diesel price within 10 miles of Llandudno as 151.9p – with petrol not far behind.

Just over the border in Denbighshire some rural filling stations were up to £1.48 with fears it is only a matter of time before it goes over £1.50.

The RAC has warned the average price of petrol at £1.50 could be a reality for the beleaguered motoring community as the cost continues to creep up.

On May 8 Kevin Bowker from Saltney Ferry and Ian Charlesworth, of Hawarden, who are spearheading a new fuel campaign, have organised a major go-slow along the A55.

And such has been the support they said there will be two separate convoys converging on Rhyl.

One will go west from Chester and another east from Llandudno on the Sunday afternoon as the protesters ramp up the pressure.

Mr Bowker said: “We have had massive interest in the latest protest, we already have had 70 signed up to it two days after it was announced.

“As a result we are looking to have two separate go-slows, one from Chester and one from Llandudno which will meet in Rhyl – everybody is talking about it in Rhyl.

“We have also been in conversations with other groups such as bikers and those involved in the M62 protests to join in.

“It looks like the biggest we have organised yet.

“The last go-slow we had around Chester, there were people applauding us in the streets as we drove around.

“There are serious concerns the average price of fuel is going to hit £1.50, it really shows how useless that 1p George Osborne cut off fuel duty was.”