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New ‘super clinic’ will be one-stop shop for outpatients at Glan Clwyd hospital

A £1.5M ‘SUPER clinic’ will become a one-stop shop for outpatients when a new facility opens on Monday.

That’s according to health chiefs, who believe streamlining the patient pathway at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd will mean people are seen and treated more quickly.

It also means fewer return appointments will be made as surgeons will carry out pre-operative assessments on patients during the same visit.

From next week outpatient services are moving from HM Stanley to the new site, which has been named the Ivor Lewis Building. A week later clinics currently held at Abergele Hospital will be moved into a different part of Glan Clwyd.

Clive Sparkes, chief of staff for therapies and clinical support services, said the facility will provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for outpatients – who he claims will benefit under the reshuffle.

“There are a number of components to this project,” said Mr Sparkes.

“The first one is that we are moving the current clinic that we have in pretty old, dated accommodation at HM Stanley to this new state-of-the-art outpatient accommodation. So just on that quality issue alone, there is an improvement for patients.

“The second thing is the expansion of facilities by the redesigning of the outpatient space.

“We’re hoping to do more of what we call surgical super clinics. The concept is that you steer patients, for example they’ll have a consultation, a diagnosis, a recommendation of treatment and a preoperative assessment all on the same day like a one-stop shop service.

“So that’s streamlining the patient pathway, which is really important for patients who just want to see a consultant and get a decision there and then.”

Mr Sparkes said the new model will see a faster patient turnaround, lower waiting times and no need to make repeat appointments.

He added: “We are sure patients will be happy with the expansion of services, and will benefit from improved care.”

A Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board spokeswoman said: “Some clinics may be moved to make the best use of a new pre-operative assessment service, so some of our patients may find their usual clinic is in a different part of the hospital.

“Patients will be clearly told where they are to go for their appointment in their appointment letter.”