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Thousands of dead starfish wash up on Talacre Beach, Flintshire

Starfish on Talacre beach

THOUSANDS of dead starfish, crabs and other sea creatures were found washed up on a Flintshire beach.

But the creatures, which have now been washed away, did not die in suspicious circumstances at Talacre Beach, a county coastal ranger told the Chronicle.

Alistair Hemphill said: “It’s not a natural disaster. It’s not a sudden beaching of starfish.

“It could be that they have just come to the end of their life cycle, died after mating and spawning and have lain dead in the sea for a long time.

“Strong winds and bad weather have then washed them ashore. You see it with jellyfish as well sometimes.”

The coastal rangers left the starfish on the beach as a picnic for seagulls, before the tide washed them back out to sea.