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Shotton couple’s horror at finding mutilated tarantula on doorstep

David Clarke

A HORRIFIED couple have spoken of their shock after finding a mutilated tarantula on their doorstep.

Claire Voas and David Clarke were getting ready for work when technical engineer David, 30, spotted the exotic arachnid dead – and in several pieces – in a lunchbox outside their front door in Chester Close, Shotton.

And the couple are now wondering why they were targeted in what is believed to be a sick prank.

Claire, 25, said: “I am terrified of spiders anyway, but this left me traumatised.

“David was getting picked up for work and when he came across this plastic lunchbox and saw the tarantula inside.

“He went to get his lift and told me about the spider. But I was shocked and saw it for myself – it was horrible.”

Eye care specialist Claire, a former pupil of Venerable Edward Morgan Primary School and St Richard Gwyn High School, Flint, added: “It made us think what on Earth it was doing there.

“We have had litter thrown into our garden before but this was right outside our door.

“We have been wondering who has put it there and why.

“There is no explanation why we would be targeted. The neighbours we have spoken to haven’t mentioned if they keep tarantulas.”

Dave Clark, manager of exotic pet store Contact Pets and Tackle in Chester, said tarantulas are becoming increasing popular as pets.

“They are very low maintenance and the females can live for 20 to 30 years,” he said.

“Lots of people keep them and, as with any pet, they have got to take responsibility for them.

“Some people aren’t fond of spiders though – and this was a horrible thing to do.”