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Dee-Tex Project launches Cash for Clothes plan to keep fundraising local

A SALTNEY social enterprise is launching a charitable initiative to combat the rise in commercial firms buying unwanted clothes from the public.

The Dee-Tex Project, based in Saltney and Shotton, has seen an increase in operators which buy unwanted clothes directly before sending it overseas.

The enterprise is now launching a Cash for Clothes scheme, which aims to better the company’s competitors while still giving more to local good causes.

Brian McManus, operations director at Dee-Tex, said: “There are several commercial operators who have established themselves locally, advertising to purchase unwanted clothing for between 30p and 40p per kg.

“While there is nothing wrong with businesses doing so, it is of concern these commercial operators are depriving local charities and organisations of long-established ways of generating an income.

“Commercial organisations collect and store the clothing until they have a 40ft container full and then send it overseas to Africa and eastern Europe, pocketing the profits.

“At Dee-Tex we raise funds for more than 19 different local causes, including Miles of Smiles and the Hospice of the Good Shepherd, through our clothing bank scheme.

“The clothing is collected, sorted and sold by local people who we employ.

The popularity of charity shops, and the success of our own two shops, shows there is a need for this clothing locally.

“To compete with the commercial operators, Dee-Tex is to offer a competitive market value of 40p per kg but will also contribute a further 10p per kg to any one of three charities we support, Miles of Smiles, Save the Family and Hospice of the Good Shepherd, nominated by the seller.”