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Adult services guidebook reveals seedy side of Flintshire

FIVE Flintshire massage parlours have been listed in a new guidebook for ‘adult services’.

Premises and women offering the services – including a dominatrix and a ‘mature’ lady – are based in Bagillt, Buckley, Flint, Mold and Queensferry, according to McCoy’s Guide to Adult Services in the West Midlands and Wales.

Each establishment is listed with an address and contact details, opening hours, costs, a list of services on offer and reviews and ratings.

Author George McCoy, 63, said: “I travel around the country on a regular basis and I have been writing reviews like this for the past 15 years.

“Because of that people now know who I am as I have appeared on TV documentaries, so I have visited most of the Flintshire venues.

“I don’t go in as a customer as in some cases they now come to me, and we talk about what each place has to offer. And then, if they want to give me the opportunity to show what they have, who am I to refuse?”

Asked if he had concerns about trafficking within the international sex trade, Mr McCoy said: “The whole supposed issue of trafficking is a myth perpetuated by extreme feminists.

“I’ve only come across a trivial number of trafficked women. Many are often single mothers and some do get into debt, but most do it out of free choice.”

The Chronicle attempted to contact the Flintshire establishments listed for comments.

Savannah’s massage parlour, Bagillt, said it was pleased to be featured in the book, but declined to disclose the services on offer. Flint’s Temptations massage parlour also said it was happy to be included in Mr McCoy’s book.

Dominatrix Mistress Dawn, of Buckley, left a message on her answering machine to inform clients she had ‘moved to the Bristol area, but will be back soon’.

Neither Annabelle’s in Queensferry nor Mold-based ‘working girl’ Stephanie, who services cost at £100 an hour, could be contacted.

Mr McCoy added: “Within my book I try to promote a reasonable image of the industry. What they are supplying are services that some people might turn their noses up at, but if it doesn’t harm anyone then they are happy to leave it alone.”

But Cathy Owens, spokeswoman for Amnesty International, said the issue of human trafficking was of great concern, particularly in the sex trade.

She said: “We have found instances of trafficking in Wales and all four police forces have been made aware of it, and it continues to be a problem.

“As a proportion of the sex trade industry overall, trafficking is quite small, but that still means there are a large number of women who are suffering appalling abuses and violence.

“The level of human rights abuses cannot be acceptable.”

Bex Keer, UK manager for campaign group Stop The Traffik, said: “This is a global problem, and yet a local issue. Women are trafficked for sexual exploitation from around the world into the sex industries in our towns, potentially on our streets and even next door to us.

“Stop The Traffik believe the best way to fight human trafficking is through community awareness and action, which creates communities where it is harder for traffickers to hide themselves and their victims.”

Flintshire Chief Inspector Darren Wareing said: “We are keen to work with local authorities, housing associations and community groups to deal with this issue. When we are made aware of illegal activity we act swiftly to close these places down, as we did recently at such an establishment in Station Road, Queensferry.”