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Saltney children take part in speed awareness campaign

A SPEED-AWARENESS campaign proved a hit with Saltney school pupils.

Pupils of St Anthony’s, Wood Memorial and Saltney Ferry Primary Schools joined police officers to set up a speed check site outside their schools.

The police pulled over speeding motorists who were given a lecture on safety by the children.

PCSO Dan Hughes said: “Our speed awareness initiative was a great success. Pupils from each school sent the message out that speed costs lives. We conducted speed checks and those who were driving excessively were stopped and asked some rather harsh and emotional questions by the pupils, that really hit home. The day was set up in response to residents’ concerns about speeding in the area and the idea of using children as a one off educational tool was suggested at a neighbourhood police meeting.

“The pupils were a credit to their schools and it is hoped this initiative can be repeated in the future.”

PC Millington added: “To have a young child quote that 80% of children live if vehicles travel at 30mph whereas 80% die if travelling at 40mph certainly got the message home to shocked motorists.

“The young people were also able to hear a wide variety of excuses for driving too fast which they then most ably challenged and caused much embarrassment to the motorists concerned.”