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Flintshire County Council ballot on future of housing stock to start next week

A BALLOT on the future of Flintshire’s council houses will start on Monday.

At a special meeting of Flintshire County Council yesterday (Wednesday) members approved plans to ballot council tenants on whether they wanted to transfer their homes from the council ownership to new registered social landlord (RSL) Dee Housing.

But some councillors expressed concerns about the document given to tenants to provide information on the transfer.

Cllr Carolyn Cattermoul said: “The council pledged to remain neutral and I believe this has not happened.

“This document is presenting only one choice.”

Labour councillor Aaron Shotton criticised figures stating the council would have £49m to bring houses up to standard while Dee Housing would have £166m.

He claimed the figures were ‘misleading’.

But council chief executive Colin Everett said the figures were worked out by a Welsh Government formula.

He said: “This is a calculation the Welsh Government requires us to put in.”

Twenty-seven councillors voted in favour of balloting tenants, but 21 councillors abstained from the vote.