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Flintshire County Council backs smoke free cars campaign

FLINTSHIRE County Council is backing a campaign urging people to keep their cars smoke free.

The Welsh Government’s Fresh Start Wales campaign was launched this year to raise awareness of the risks cigarette smoke can pose to children.

Awareness posters are being put up on bill boards, bus backs and in the local Press to highlight the issue.

Children who breathe in other people’s cigarette smoke have an increased risk of developing respiratory infections, middle ear disease and asthma. Evidence-based research has also indicated second-hand smoke can even lead to serious illnesses such as meningitis and babies face an increased risk of cot death.

Cllr Christine Jones, cabinet member for social services, said: “Smoking continues to be the largest single preventable cause of ill health and premature death in Wales, causing around 5,650 deaths each year.

“Whilst adults have a choice in whether they smoke or not, children have very little say in whether they are exposed to cigarette smoke.

“That’s why campaigns such as Fresh Start Wales are important as they help to inform people exactly what the risks are with the sole aim of protecting children.”

More than 80% of cigarette smoke has been shown to be invisible and odourless, which means parents can be exposing their children to harm without realising it. Some evidence has found the dangerous toxins in second-hand smoke could linger in the atmosphere for up to two hours after a cigarette is extinguished and it is this image of the ‘toxic car’ which is portrayed through the Fresh Start Wales campaign.

You can sign up to the online pledge at www.freshstartwales.co.uk or www.facebook.com/freshstartwales where advice and information is available, or follow @FreshStartWales on Twitter.