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North Wales Police hold man in Mold vet murder probe

NEIGHBOURS in the quiet New Brighton cul-de-sac where Catherine Gowing lives have spoken of their shock at her ‘unexplained disappearance’.

The 37-year-old vet, who lives in Cae Isa, has been described as a ‘quiet’ and ‘pleasant’ woman by residents.

Yesterday (Wednesday) a specialist forensics team combed the property for clues.

Neighbour Elizabeth Purcell said: “She is a lovely girl. Very quiet, but very nice.

“We’re very upset and I just hope she’s safe.”

Shocked neighbour Michelle Shaw is hoping that Catherine might still be found alive.

She said: “She is such a nice person, she’d help anyone. She was always pleasant and happy.

“You can’t imagine anyone would want to hurt her.

“I just hope they find her and she’s all right.”

It is believed Catherine had lived at the property with her housemate, who worked for the same veterinary surgery, for about two years.

Michelle added: “I know they worked at the same practice and the house is owned by the vet.

“They never bothered anybody. They never had rowdy parties or anything.

“It’s so quiet here. When you go out you don’t think of locking your doors.

“If there is a strange car parked in the street you tend to notice.

“Other than when they first moved here and friends stayed over, I don’t think I’ve noticed anyone there.

“The last time I saw her was Thursday morning. I was driving out as she was driving in at about 8.10am.

“She tended to use her work car. The Clio tended to be sat on the drive.

“My daughter commented on Friday that it was missing.”

Other neighbours said Catherine ‘kept herself to herself’.

New Brighton community councillor Roy Marsh said: “It’s so sad when something like this happens in such a tight-knit community.”

RTE News in Ireland reported Miss Gowing moved to Flintshire after qualifying as a vet from a university in Budapest, Hungary.