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Flint residents hope street party will celebrate royal arrival

RESIDENTS in Flint are hoping their next annual street party will be a royal baby shower – after the announcement the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant.

After the success of a celebration to mark the royal wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton in April last year, residents living in First, Second and Third Avenue decided holding an annual street party would be a good way of boosting community spirit.

They followed this up with a party to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June and hope that – providing Kate has a healthy pregnancy – they will be able to celebrate the arrival of their first born, who will be third in line to the throne, in 2013.

Town councillor Lorraine Francis, who lives in Third Avenue, said: “In Flint, First Second and Third Avenue have a very strong tradition of street party celebrations. There are quite a few of us who grew up here and chose to make our adult homes here too. We remember the street parties we had when we were young – the Silver Jubilee and the royal weddings of the 80s.”

She added: “Even if you are not a fan of the royals, you cannot ignore the fact that street parties help strengthen the community you live in, and the relationship you have with your neighbours.”

Months of speculation about a royal pregnancy were ended on Monday afternoon when William and Kate told the world they will be parents for the first time.

But the excitement was tinged with concern after it was revealed the duchess was admitted to a private London hospital for hyperemesis gravidarum – morning sickness.

It is understood the pregnancy has not passed the 12-week point and Monday’s announcement was prompted by the duchess’s medical condition.