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Wrexham FC: Surprise twist as fans offered chance to buy club

A STUNNING U-turn has put Wrexham fans on the brink of owning their football club.

Last week it was widely reported that a deal had been completed to sell the club to businessman Jon Harris, backed by financing from controversial former Claims Direct boss Colin Poole.

But after Wrexham fans turned up to distribute leaflets denouncing Poole at a gymkhana at the weekend, Poole withdrew his support for the bid.

With most bidders claiming to have been scared off by various factions of the Wrexham support and current owner Geoff Moss suggesting militant fans could have been involved in an arson attack on his student housing development at the Racecourse, the multi-millionaire reopened negotiations with Wrexham Supporters Trust.

The result is a joint statement from Moss and business partner Ian Roberts and the WST published on the club website.

It read: “On Monday, May 23, representatives of the Wrexham Supporters Trust met with Geoff Moss and Jon Harris to discuss the terms of a potential transaction which would result in Wrexham Football Club, Colliers Park and the Racecourse moving forward in the ownership of its supporters and the community.

“Following this meeting, the parties are now working on a detailed heads of terms which it is anticipated will be concluded by Friday, May 27, 2011.

“WST are hopeful that the outcome of these negotiations will result in an exciting new dawn for the club.

“It is intended that a Press conference will be held on Friday, May 27, 2011. In the meantime we would ask all supporters and other interested parties to allow space to conclude the negotiations.

“Any deal negotiated will be subject to approval by WST’s members, and an EGM (Emergency General Meeting) is likely to be called in early June. For the avoidance of doubt Colin Poole will have no involvement in the deal.”

Negotiations are likely to focus on ownership of the ground and the level of debt at the club.