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New astronomy section comes to our website


Stargazers are in for a treat as today sees the launch of a brand new section on our website.

We have teamed up with the North Wales Astronomy Society (NWAS) to bring to you a dedicated section about astronomy events, cosmology, planets, galaxies, asteroids and more.

As well as this, NWAS will be sharing with us an astronomy picture of the week - and you too can get involved by visiting www.northwalesastro.co.uk

Submissions can be of any celestial subject, ranging from objects in our own solar system, to wide field shots of the night sky, or close ups of deep sky objects.

As well as a weekly Astrophoto of the week, we will also feature a Stargazers guide. This will be updated regularly with advice on what to look out for in the night sky

If you want to find out more about astronomy and astrophotography, NWAS is keen to offer help and advice.

They hold regular meetings, which include observing nights that are open to the public for a small entrance fee of s1 on the night, with society members giving short talks on cloudy nights.

They also have regular guest speakers giving lectures and you can see more about forthcoming events at www.northwalesastro.co.uk