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Astronomy: The technique of lunar imaging

Lunar Photography

TAKING images of our nearest galactic neighbour can be rewarding and not that unlike deep sky imaging its not really difficult or complicated.

The big surprise too many may be the fact that the method of obtaining detailed high resolution images is to take a video clip rather than shooting stills.

The benefit of taking video is that it freezes the fleeting moment of good seeing and enables you to stack only the sharpest of the frames in free software such as the excellent freeware programme Registax 6 to improve the clarity and reduce the noise in the image.

Entry level video cameras for solar system imaging can be obtained for just over £100 and coupled to a long focal length telescope on a driven mount can take remarkable pictures of the moon and planets

I took these lunar shots (above) last week using a Luminera video camera through a Skywatcher MN190 telescope.

David Moulton is a member of North Wales Astronomy Society. For more information on astronomy, see the North Wales Astronomy Society's website here.