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Chance to get involved with the sky at night Moore marathon

SIR PATRICK Moore has picked his 55 favourite night sky objects and over the month of April would like you to see as many as you can. 

The Moore Marathon will help celebrate 55 years of The Sky at Night, which was first broadcast on April 24,1957.
From the Moon to the star Albireo, the Moore Marathon has something for everyone.  You can spot some with your eyes, others need binoculars or a telescope, and you can take part on your own or as a group.
On BBC1 May 6 and BBC4 May 10, The Sky at Night will feature a selection of your observations, from the simple to the most interesting. You can find the Moore Marathon observing forms by going to the website bbc.co.uk/skyatnight.  Here you have two choices:
Download, save on your computer, fill in and email back to . To be included in the programme, this must be emailed by April 24, 2012.
Download, print and fill in by hand. Post back to: The Sky at Night, BBC Birmingham, The Mailbox, Birmingham, B1 1RF.  To be included in the programme, the BBC must receive forms by April 24, 2012.
Sir Patrick said: “I hope you enjoy the objects I have picked out for you to observe in April and I look forward to finding out how you get on. Good luck and thank you for taking part.”