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Astronomy: Solar flare emerges from the sun

Solar flare

Brian Woosnam from the North Wales Astronomy Society recently captured a solar flare emerging from the surface of the sun with his Hydrogen Alpha Solar telescope.

These solar flares when directed towards the earth are often responsible for Aurora displays (The Northern Lights). If they are massive enough these events can trigger Aurora displays that have on rare occasions been seen below the Arctic Circle in lower latitudes

Brians words regarding his capture, there was a small gap in the clouds after work today and I looked through my Solarmax 70mm and noticed a very bright white line in active regions 1520 1521 so I imaged the Sun and here is the image. I've just read on spaceweather.com that at 17.15 ut a M-class solar flare unfolded.

Warning. Never look directly at the sun with or without optical aid as permanent eye damage will result. Brians image was taken using a Solar Hydrogen alpha telescope