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Astronomy: Butterfly Nebula

Butterfly Nebula

This beautiful summer nebula picture was sent in by the NWAS society Chairman Doug Jones.

Doug used a Hydrogen Alpha (Ha) filter to capture the monochrome image of the Nebula and added data from Red,Green and Blue filters to obtain the final colour image

Image details from Doug

Popular name: “The Butterfly” a molecular hydrogen cloud with dark dust nebula in Cygnus. The very bright star in the image is Sadr (gamma Cygni) a magnitude 2.2 star which gives it’s name to the region. Sadr lies at about 700 light years from us but the nebula cloud is much further away at 7000 light years.

Telescope: 3” Apo refractor at focal length 476 mm - the field of view is approximately 2 x 1.5 degrees.

Camera: FLI ML 8300 with Astrodon filters

Imaging time: Ha 40m, RGB 20m each – total time 1 hr 40m

NWAS http://www.northwalesastro.co.uk