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Astronomy picture of the week - Iris Nebula

Iris Nebula

This fine image of the Iris Nebula was sent in by Peter Williamson

The Iris Nebula is classed as a reflection Nebula it can be found in the constellation of Cepheus, Catalogue No NGC 7023. The Nebula lies around 1300 light year from us and is around 6 light years across. The Nebula itself is illuminated by a 7th magnitude star and is immersed in a vast cloud of surrounding gas that Peter has managed to capture very well

Image details:

Taken over two nights, 8th and 9th August 2012. Due to cloud intervening, again!

Altair Astro 250mm RC with AP 0.67x reducer and QSI583WSG, cooled to -20degC as ambient was +17degC.

RGB filters. 9x300secs each, binned 2

North Wales astronomer ‘inspired’ by Neil Armstrong - read the full story here.