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Astronomy picture of the week - Cocoon Nebula

 Cocoon Nebula

This spectacular image shows the Cocoon Nebula, IC5146, in Cygnus. The blue reflection nebula below the Cocoon is Van den Bergh 147. Also present in the picture is the Dark Nebula Barnard -168.

The Cocoon Nebula itself is an emission Nebula and star forming region. The main Nebula being illuminated by a very hot young star possibly only a few hundred thousand years old.

The excited Hydrogen forming the Nebula is approximately 4000 light years distant and 12 light years across

This image was sent in by Peter Williamson from Mold; Peter captured the data using a standard Skywatcher 250mm Newtonian Reflector,the detail Peter has managed to achieve is quite amazing and comes close to the best I've seen taken of this object from any location

Capture Details:

Telescope,Skywatcher 250mm f5 + Baader MPCC Coma Corrector ,Camera QSI583wsg

RGB Filtered image using blend of Ha and Red filters with Green and Blue.