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New plans for regeneration of Flint town centre

AMBITIOUS plans are being explored to demolish a rundown housing complex and regenerate Flint town centre.

Flintshire County Council’s executive committee was told on Tuesday that a ‘working group’ was looking at options to knock down the town’s maisonettes and build a retail and social housing development with a primary health care centre.

Three registered social landlords have been involved in the work as potential housing partners and the council’s chief executive Colin Everett said formal discussions with the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board had been taking place.

Speaking before the meeting, Cllr Alex Aldridge (Coleshill) said: “This is the beginning of a journey.

“We attempted something similar in 2003, but the difference now is the two additional factors of retail and health provision.

“This is the start of what is potentially a major project.”

Mr Everett said a decision on the future of the 214 homes would have to be made before council tenants were balloted on whether the authority’s housing stock should be transferred to a private landlord.

He said: “The issue of the maisonettes alongside the future of housing stock has always been a contentious issue.”

But he said the rights of tenants ‘would not be compromised’.

Mr Everett said the homes were capable of being improved to meet the Welsh Housing Quality Standard, but were of a dated design, offered a limited quality of life and made poor use of land in central Flint.

Council leader Arnold Woolley added: “This is very much work in progress.”