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Pathfinder scheme officially launched in three Flintshire communities

A NEW initiative to make three communities in Flintshire safer – and cleaner – has been launched.

Saltney, Sealand and the Cornist area of Flint officially launched Neighbourhood Pathfinder Agreements this week as part of a Home Office initiative which promotes closer links between residents and service providers such as police and community councils.

Flintshire is one of only 12 areas in Britain to be chosen to pilot the scheme.

Over the past few months, community leaders have been having their say on what needs to be improved and focused on in their areas.

Primary concerns included problems such as tackling graffiti, parking violations and anti-social behaviour.

As part of the pioneering project officers took feedback on board and converted residents’ views into action plans to resolve issues, fight crime and tidy up neighbourhoods.

Deeside Inspector Mark Hughes this week voiced support for the scheme.

He said: “It’s all about communities working together.

“Residents know the areas better than we do, so we have responded to what they want.

“There has been a lot of engagement in the area as we have worked very closely with neighbourhoods, and it will benefit public confidence.

“I would like to thank all the community leaders for their involvement, it has been very positive.”

Saltney police community support officer Dan Hughes added: “This is a good scheme, which we have worked on over the past few months with neighbourhood groups.”

North Wales Police Superintendent Rob Kirman told the Chronicle the initiative is ‘an excellent opportunity’ for the three areas involved.

Flint Sergeant John Williams said: “Already I can see an improvement in the way that Cornist residents are working with the providers of services.”

Chris Jones, county councillor for Sealand, added: “I would like to thank everyone who took part in this initiative.

“Flintshire County Council, our local police and residents have all engaged in the process and contributed in some way.

“I am confident the promises made within the agreement will be kept and the benefits for the residents will soon become obvious.”