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Call to axe one-way roads in Shotton, Deeside

A COMMUNITY leader has put forward new plans to ease traffic congestion in Shotton’s side streets.

Town councillor Elwyn Jones wants to turn all the streets off the B5129 Chester Road West, the main road through the town, back into a two-way system in a bid to clamp down on traffic jams.

He said: “The town partnership gave us this chance a few years ago when we had this one-way system put in – ‘suck it and see’.

“Well, we have seen and there are problems with visibility and cars obstructing roads.

“In this plan, the traffic would be better distributed instead of going through the one-way system.”

Cllr Bill Barton agreed, adding: “I would back this on health and safety grounds.

“We are funnelling the traffic along roads which are not suitable, particularly if you are, for example, towing a caravan.

“You are cutting out alternative routes if any of the roads are blocked.”

Cllr Jones added: “The worst problem is if there is any inconsiderate parking, and something like a fire engine needed to get past.

“Every minute counts in a situation like that.”

Cllr Dave Evans said: “I am sure all of us have faced a car going the wrong way down these streets when we have been driving.”

At a meeting of Shotton Town Council on Monday members decided to write to Flintshire County Council with the proposals.