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Suspected brothel in Queensferry closes after Flintshire County Council investigation

A COMMUNITY leader claims a suspected brothel in Queensferry has closed its doors following an investigation by Flintshire County Council.

Angry residents had raised concerns about a premises after drunken men started roaming the streets asking for directions, as reported in last week’s Chronicle.

Council enforcement officers have since visited the property at 54 Station Road and the occupier has now vacated the premises.

Queensferry councillor David Wisinger said: “We can breathe a big sigh of relief now that it’s gone.

“The residents are over the moon that swift action was taken to deal with the problem. It caused a great deal of concern – especially when people had men knocking on their doors asking where it was.”

There has been another massage parlour on Station Road for years, which is now being investigated by the council.

Residents believe the new premises had opened over the past few weeks.

One elderly resident, Betty Taylor, of Gladstone Street, told the Chronicle some families were too scared to let their children play outside.

Others said the thought of prostitutes working on their doorstep was ‘disgusting’.

Aiden Mis, who works at Domino’s Pizza, said he was aware there was a so-called brothel in Station Road.

He added: “I am glad it’s gone as there are a lot of young children living nearby.”

A spokesman for Flintshire County Council said: “After investigations, planning enforcement officers spoke with the owner/occupier of 54 Station Road, who subsequently vacated the premises.

“Investigations are still ongoing for 32c Station Road.”