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Holywell robbery attempt was like scene from Crocodile Dundee, court hears

Yusuf Nedzhib, Pevul Kahraman and Mustafa Orghan, of Talk of the Town takeaway

IT WAS like the famous scene from Crocodile Dundee when a hapless would-be robber tried to hold up staff at a takeaway.

Jamie Dolman, 25, was high on drugs, drunk on stolen lager and could hardly stand or get his words out as he demanded money from the till.

Staff at Talk of the Town in Holywell realised the state he was in, laughed at him and told him to get out.

Dolman put his hand in his pocket and pretended to have a knife – but by that time a member of staff was holding a huge meat cleaver!

Huw Roberts, defending, told Flintshire Magistrates Court at Mold Dolman’s attempted hold-up was almost comical.

He compared the scenes to those from 1986 film Crocodile Dundee in which Paul Hogan’s title character is accosted by a mugger in New York who threatens him with a small flick blade.

Dundee then pulls out a huge Bowie knife and tells his attacker, who subsequently flees: “That’s not a knife – THIS is a knife!”

In frustration at being mocked by takeaway staff, Dolman kicked a display unit, smashing it, magistrates heard.

Staff then locked the front door to the shop and stopped the defendant, of Maes Gwyn, Flint, from leaving.

Police arrived to find him crying and covered in blood and CCTV showed he had been pushed, held in a headlock, punched in the face and kicked.

“The reality is that my client had no knife,” said Mr Roberts.

“He was completely and obviously drunk. He had taken cocaine and MCAT, was unsteady on his feet and his speech was slurred.”

Dolman admitted a public order offence and criminal damage. He was placed on supervision and told to pay £85 costs and £60 compensation. He also admitted stealing lager from the Co-op in Flint before the would-be robbery on Saturday, April 21.

Interviewed, Dolman said it was ‘a stupid drunk thing that got out of a hand’.