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Residents face cold Christmas as big freeze puts paid to heating oil deliveries

TREACHEROUS road conditions have left residents without oil to heat their homes.

Geoff Smith, who lives on Killins Lane in Shotton, contacted Flintshire County Council after the narrow road leading to his home and neighbouring properties became impassable and wagons delivering oil couldn’t get through.

“We called the council in the hope they would be able to help, but they said all they could do was send an inspector to assess the situation,” he told the Chronicle.

“That’s no good when our oil will run out in the next week and we will be left without any heating.”

The 62-year-old father-of-two, who has lived in the lane for 30 years, is concerned that the families who live there – and in other rural areas of the county – will be left to freeze.

Geoff, who pays almost £2,000 per year in council tax, says that the council needs to sort it out.

“Heating is a necessity when the weather is this bad, we can’t sit in the cold,” he said.

Geoff said the council used to supply bags of salt so that residents could spread it on the lane themselves, but now they don’t get that either.

“I don’t know what we are expected to do,” he added. “The council put one pile of salt on the lane but it isn’t where it is most needed.

“Last time the weather was bad we rang for a week and they didn't come.”

The council tried to clear the road this week, but Geoff said it is ‘too little too late’.

“We have missed the delivery of oil and have no time to organise a return visit. There are elderly residents who live up the lane. It is worrying that we may get stranded in our homes without heating over Christmas,” he said.

“I am sure that this is a problem for other people living in little lanes across the county.”

A council spokesman said: “Killins Lane, Shotton, is a narrow road with limited access for the county council’s large gritting vehicles.

“Salt bins have been provided on the road for use by residents, however council staff will inspect and deal with the issues as resources allow.”