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Holywell woman emptied neighbour’s bank account

A HOLYWELL woman who emptied her neighbour’s bank account to the tune of £1,420 has been ordered to pay back all the money.

Kayleigh Marie Jones, 22, had previously legitimately used the card of victim Dianna Russum.

On that occasion she had been given the card and PIN and asked to get her cash as a favour.

But Flintshire Magistrates’ Court at Mold was told that when Jones found the card on her neighbour’s doorstep it proved to be too much of a temptation.

She used to seven times to withdraw cash which she spent on herself.

Jones, described as vulnerable with learning difficulties, now of Ffordd Beuno, Holywell, admitted stealing the card on the Holway estate on September 1 and then fraud by withdrawing the cash over the next three days.

She was placed on a 12-month community order under which she must observe a three-month night-time curfew.

Justine Espie prosecuting, said that the victim called the police when she saw a number of unauthorised withdrawals from her bank account.

She suspected it was the defendant and when arrested and interviewed, Jones made full admissions.