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Hawarden historian releases book about medieval prince born in Flintshire

THE life and times of a medieval prince born near Flint have been chronicled in a new book by a Welsh history enthusiast.

Steve Griffiths, who lives in Hawarden, has charted the achievements of Prince Dafydd II of Gwynedd and Wales in Dafydd ap Llywelyn – The Shield of Wales.

The medieval prince was born in about 1215 in a Welsh royal court in Coleshill.

He is recognised as being the only male member of the Welsh royal family of Gwynedd to have been born inside the boundary of Tegeingl (now Flintshire) and became the first Welsh prince to officially use the title The Prince of Wales from 1240-46.

During his reign, he fought two wars of defence against England and King Henry III and he engaged in diplomatic relations with the Pope and the king of France.

Steve, 45, who works at Warwick Chemicals in Mostyn, said: “Prince Dafydd was recognised as being the favourite son and chosen heir of the legendary Welsh prince Llywelyn the Great.”

He added: “Tucked away in a long-forgotten corner of a local farmer’s field in Bagillt, there is the barely discernible Welsh royal residence that hosted Dafydd’s birth.

“Hen Blas Castle is now the subject of a heritage protection order.”

On March 28, 1245, the English-held fortress of Mold Castle was captured by Dafydd.

Steve has included more than 60 colour photographs in his first published book and used historic locations and battle maps to help illustrate the medieval era.

For more details about the book call Deeside History Society on 01244 537921.