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No room at Flintshire rescue centre this Christmas

AN INUNDATED animal rescue centre says the number of calls it is taking from desperate pet owners who face losing their homes has increased tenfold.

And volunteers also fear they will not be able to take in any needy animals over the Christmas period unless some of the current cases find new homes.

Sheila Stewart, who founded Capricorn Animal Rescue in Padeswood, blames ever-increasing economic pressures for the situation, which she claims is the worst the 30-year-old centre has ever seen.

“The position at the moment is just unbelievable. We are absolutely full to bursting and cannot possibly take any more animals in,” said Sheila.

“In recent years I have taken one or two calls a week from pet owners being evicted from their homes or having to move out due to money problems.

“Now I’m taking about three calls every single day.

“I think the impact of the economy is having a worse effect than ever before. So many jobs are being lost.

“People are hanging onto their pets for as long as possible, but can’t cope with the cost any more.”

Among the homeless pets at the centre are more than 30 rabbits, 31 ferrets, 60 cats and kittens and countless dogs, as well as a goat left abandoned outside a butcher’s shop.

“All my foster homes are full of cats and I have dozens of people on the waiting list,” added Sheila.

“For every animal I rehome I have about six or seven urgent cases waiting to fill their place.

“Unless more people start adopting some of the animals we already have we are going to be in a desperate situation over Christmas, which is traditionally one of our busiest periods.

“Every single rescue centre across the country is struggling with space and we need as much help from people as we can get.”