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Mold flats flooded for second time in three years

RESIDENTS of Mold flats had their homes flooded – less than three years after repairs to damage from the last deluge were completed.

Fire crews were called to Cae Bracty just before 2pm on Sunday to pump water off the road and away from the Clwyd Alyn Housing Association flats.

Resident Jeff Whittaker said: “The water was coming up through the manholes. It looked like there was a tidal wave coming down the street.”

Mold Broncoed councillor Haydn Bateman was at the flats on Sunday to help residents.

He said: “At first the fire service had it under control and as fast as the water was coming they were pumping it out on to the playing fields.

“Then suddenly there was a massive surge and they couldn’t cope. About 2ft of water came up in about five or 10 minutes.”

He said the floods showed the urgent need for the flood alleviation plan currently in discussions.

Don Jones, who has lived on the street for 16 years, said: “People were very worried about it. Some were crying and one woman wants to stay in a hotel for the next few days because she is worried about it happening again.”

Resident Veronica Simmans said her carpets would have to be removed after water covered the floor of her flat.

She said: “The fire service told me not to open the door so I just stayed in the flat. It was very frightening.”

Neighbour Harry Block said he was also expecting to be moved to a hotel while work was done to replace his flooring.

He said: “I had rugs on the floor which stopped some of the damage and the landlord of The Dolphin, Adam Davies, went and bought sandbags, which helped.”

One resident, who did not want to be named, said water had come into her hallway.

She said: “This is the third time I have been flooded in 11 years. In 2009 I lost everything. It was terrible.

“You just feel completely helpless when you see the water coming up.”

Gwyneth Eagles, who has lived on Cae Bracty for 17 years, said she had seen it flood a number of times and said: “I haven’t been affected physically this time but I have emotionally.”

Cllr Bateman said plans for the flood alleviation system, which would see water currently carried through underground pipes beneath the town diverted to the River Alyn, has funding from the Welsh Government, but developers are locked in negotiations with landowners.

David Lewis, head of maintenance for Clwyd Alyn, said he would be working with Cllr Bateman to see if planned improvements for the flats can be brought forward to coincide with repairs.

He said: “We had the cleaning team out here first thing Monday morning to decontaminate the area.”

He said the association did not let the first two flats on the street because of the problems with flooding.