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3D learning experience a hit at Connah’s Quay High School

STUDENTS have had the chance to walk through the jungle and see what life was like in the First World War trenches – all inside Connah’s Quay High.

This term the pupils have had access to new 3D technology to help with their learning, and it’s proved an instant hit.

The school says the innovative teaching technique is already enhancing pupils’ learning experience.

“Pupils have been able to walk through a mosque, experience life in the jungle, explore the trenches from the First World War and look at scientific and engineering from a 3D perspective,” said a school spokeswoman.

Deputy headteacher Lee Cummins told the Chronicle: “Some areas of subjects are just easier to teach if you can visualise them. Learners can now walk down the streets of ancient Rome, visit the outer reaches of the universe or see how electricity is produced.

“The 3D learning experience allows students to enhance their understanding of difficult subjects by learning through observation and investigation rather than by instruction.

“It helps teachers simplify complex issues, making them easier to understand. This is not a gimmick – it is a tool which we can now use to continue to raise standards.”