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Buckley resident raises concerns over assisted bin collections

A BUCKLEY pensioner whose neighbour suffered a stroke a few weeks ago said he is having to run around in his pyjamas to ensure his friend’s bins are collected.

Arthur Gill, 81, of Daleside, said since his elderly neighbour had a stroke the council has been asked to provide assisted collection for his rubbish.

Mr Gill said: “His bins are round the side of the house. He had stickers which we put on the front wall but we were told to take them down because they’re an invitation to criminals.

“Streetscene have told us the drivers should have a list with them but they don’t and every week when they come I have to run outside, sometimes still in my pyjamas, and make sure they take his bins.”

Mr Gill said, without his assistance, his friend, who is 89, would not have had any rubbish collected.

He added: “I have to leap out of bed when the bin lorries come to make sure I catch them.

“It isn’t the drivers’ fault and isn’t the fault of the people who answer the phone at Streetscene, but the system doesn’t seem to be working.

“I can’t carry on doing this.”

Mr Gill said he phoned Streetscene a number of times and added: “I had hoped this week everything would go smoothly but it didn’t.”

Steve Jones, head of Streetscene, said: “We have no records of missed collections from this property this year.

“We will monitor collections over the coming weeks to ensure the service is delivered.”